OSSA Certified Courses

Fusion Safety is one of Alberta's providers of OSSA certified courses.

The OSSA Mission is to:

  • Increase the awareness of workplace health and safety
  • Agree to and implement safety practices and/or training standards for the Oil Sands Industry
  • Promote and increase the availability of quality safety training and access to safety information to the oil sands industry and for other regional workers
  • Establish effective processes to evaluate and approve training programs
  • Ensure system integrity through timely program reviews and auditing
  • Establish programs and initiatives for the promotion of improved safety performance in the oil sands industry
  • Consider entering into arrangements, where appropriate, with like-minded industry, contractors, labor providers, government and other stakeholders, which support the attainment of the vision
OSSA courses

Fusion Safety Services Ltd is OSSA Certified for the following courses: